Business Installs for the Intelligent Business


Internet Service



There are many forms of transport for data connectivity: Fiber Optic, T3, T1, Cable, DSL, and even dial-up.  Choosing between the different mediums and carriers can be complicated and cumbersome.  When your business is ready to upgrade or change services, ensure that you have all the necessary data to make an informed decision.  Let Business Installs coordinate, setup, and install your communication backbone and infrastructure.


HD Distribution



The Digital Television transition and proliferation of Plasma, LCD, and LED TVs has had a profound impact on commercial and residential applications.  As hardware costs have decreased, the importance of distribution of content has taken precedence. Coaxial, Cat5, Cat6, and HDMI cables have enabled installation in a myriad of applications.  If your business is ready for distributed, high quality video content - make sure to contact Business Installs today.


Digital Signage



Digital signage allows your business to decrease perceived wait time, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver targeted sales messages. Professionally designed and installed messaging can wrap live TV, or simply educate your clients while they wait. Studies have shown that dynamic and engaging screen content will generate repeat business and increase return on investment.  Contact us today for an overview and online demo.


Closed Circuit TV



Significant advances in the efficiency and resolution of digital video recording have contributed to a dramatic increase in the quality and quantity of small and medium business surveillance. Security, off-premise monitoring, and compliance are a few of the most requested features when it comes to closed circuit systems.  Ask us about our hybrid digital and analog solutions to ensure that your previous investments are included as your business grows.


Security Systems



Low Voltage integration has created an environment that not only assures that your business is secure, but also allows you to monitor, automate, and schedule virtually all of your daily tasks. From access points that open automatically, to applications that can be remotely engaged - security systems have progressed from simply ensuring safety, to truly providing peace of mind. Contact us for an assessment of your business environment today.


Data Cabling



Organization and distribution of data is becoming one of the most important aspects of business and productivity.  The logistics of data delivery and storage creates a unique set of SMB challenges.  We have the insight to deliver actionable and reliable metrics.  From servers to desktops, and from wired to wireless - find out how Business Installs can improve your infrastructure and deliver your data efficiently and securely.


Phone Systems



VoIP Technology allows for more flexibility, mobility, and calling features in the business environment.  Hardware components, whether hosted or on premise, have many far reaching implications.  Software setup in call routing, message delivery, reliability and function is even more important.  We have the necessary experience ranging from small office to large call center applications- contact Business Installs for a system demonstration and webinar.


Background Music



Consumer research suggests that music plays a significant role in influencing mood, emotional response, and behavior. From restaurants to grocery stores, and offices to trade show floors, music has an effect on all of us.  Whether communication or influence, contact Business Installs to see how distributed audio and overhead paging can help convey your message to both employees and consumers alike  at (888) 816-8116 or


Access Control



Physical and Information security are paramount to any organization. Whether authentication, shared-use, or single time access is required, control system implementation in your business environment is vital.  Ensuring that sensitive or secure areas are protected from internal and external access allows you to focus on your core business, knowing that personnel and assets are where they should be - and not where they shouldn't.


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