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Business Internet


Business Internet.  It's one of the biggest phrases that we get internet traffic from.  And I wonder: Why?

I would imagine one of two scenarios:

                       The business is moving and they (obviously) need internet connection or,

                   The business already has internet and it’s not fast enough for their needs.

If a business is just starting up or moving, internet is a necessity.  I get that.  Whether the connection comes from DSL (please, NO!), or cable, or satellite, or whatever.  I get it.  The business only exists to generate income for the people who actively participate, or invest, in the business.  Without internet connectivity there would be far less income to generate.  So scenario one is a given.

It’s scenario two that has me intrigued.




If a business already has an internet connection (and I use the term “if” quite loosely), searches for business internet options would only happen for one of three reasons:

               1.     The provider doesn’t give them enough bandwidth

               2.     There are too many people using too much on the internal network

               3.     There is a problem within the network

For arguments sake, let’s just say that the business has an issue with bandwidth.  Whoever is in charge has already called their ISP.  They have asked to throw whatever amount of money is necessary at the problem and the provider has responded with….less than nothing.  Otherwise, why would somebody look up business internet in the first place? 

Nobody wants to go through the hassle of changing providers, especially when throwing a couple of dollars at the problem would make it go away.

Now we’re left with: too much usage, too many people, or a problem.

If the problem is too much usage, I’m sure that someone has already asked people to stop streaming Pandora, not view You Tube videos, etc.  Maybe they’ve gone even further and implemented a proxy server and prioritization in the network.  (If not, we can help with that)

Let’s just say – for argument’s sake - that the problem is too many people, well, that’s a good problem to have.  It means your business is growing.  The law of supply and demand says your demand is too high. 

You need a solution.

You can either adjust the supply by moving the entire business to a location that is “On Net” – meaning that you’re on the backbone of the provider and have all the benefits including fiber optic access, lightening speeds, and zero continuity problems (and breaking your current lease to enter into a new one) – or you can adjust the demand by reducing head count.

How do those options sound?  Neither move, nor reduce head count?  Well, at this point you’re stuck. 

You have to change providers.  That has to be why you’ve looked up Business Internet in the first place.

Otherwise, we’re only left with the fact that there’s a problem within the network, the network administrator, or the network itself.

That’s where we come in.  We can diagnose any issue within your infrastructure – whether it’s hardware, software, personnel, or otherwise. Your business can’t succeed if you don’t provide income and connectivity for the people who actively participate, or invest, in the business. 

Neither can we.

We can only give you solutions. Technology is moving, growing, and changing – the same way both of our businesses are.

Why do we get internet traffic from people searching “Business Internet”?

Because we provide it.


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