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Low Voltage Integrator

Wiring DiagramBusiness Installs is a Low Voltage Integrator.  But what does that mean? 

Technically, Low Voltage is classified by the State Licensing Board as a Specialty Contractor (C-7) who installs, services and maintains systems that don't exceed 91 volts.  And an Integrator symply combines things.  But realistically, this doesn't explain the totality of what a Low Voltage Inegrator is.


 Low Voltage is a subsection of the electrician category.  Both fields are responsible for simply sending power down a line so that all of our gadgets are powered and help make our lives easier.  While electricians are responsible for sending large amounts of power over very big lines, a low voltage technician handles very small amounts of power typically over shorter runs; but you’d be amazed to find out what a low voltage technician can do and how large some of the jobs can be.

Distributed Audio System

The speakers in your local supermarket or mall?  Those are typically 70 volt systems that ensure each speaker gets just enough power so that the speaker at the front of the line isn’t any louder or softer than the last speaker in the line. 

Lighting in a yard or park setting?  Those are typically 12 volt systems to ensure that when one light bulb goes out, the whole string doesn’t turn off – just like Christmas lights, but on a much bigger scale.

The device that you’re reading this on right now?  You guessed it.  That’s a very complicated low voltage system that transmits electricity so the processor can read all the 1’s and 0’s that make up each pixel of every letter.

In fact, the entire internet is quite simply one very large Low Voltage system.  All of the data, modems, wiring, and routers are all integral parts of a worldwide system that transmits low levels of electricity as a form of communication.  Whether the signal is modulated and changed to a different frequency, or redirected so that a different set of devices can interpret it and show you video (as in your TV), sound (as in your MP3 player), or action (like your alarm system) – they are all ultimately handled by a low voltage installer.

Low Voltage Integrators are able to merge different components and devices to ensure that they perform seamlessly and efficiently for you.  The entire idea of home and business automation was created by the low voltage industry so that lights, heating and cooling, and cameras can integrate into a single platform and make your life easier.

While Low Voltage may seem like a small job, you can see that it actually is capable of very big things.

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