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Data and Location Analytics

Location Analytics“Getting Business Value from Location Analytics” by Lorri Gonzalez from the City of Anaheim.

Analyzing and visualizing your data in geographic context provides critical business insights and improves the decision making process.  Not just knowing what is happening but where it is happening helps organizations:

  • - Understand more about your customers
  • - Decide where the best location is for your business
  • - Determine advertising hot spots and the difference between maintaining and increasing customers

This presentation will showcase different analytical methods and demonstrate how the use of location analytics provides value to the City of Anaheim.


“Big Data:  An Architectural Overview” with Bill Inmon.Leveraging Big Data

It is one thing to bring Big Data into your organization, but how do you convert that insight into valuable, actionable metrics that the decision makers can use? This presentation is on the architecture of Big Data and what is required to get business value out of it.  

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